Wednesday, 27 July 2011

FaceBook Launches FaceBook for Business

Google+ has announce it intends to allow the use of business profiles on its site, as presently you can only create a profile for yourself. Now in response to this FaceBook has launched FaceBook for business a page dedicated to showing you what you can already do on FaceBook and how to use it for your business.

It is worth noting that although there are several large companies who use FaceBook Pages for their business including our own BuzzProperties not to mention Pepsi, Coca Cola and many more, the use of these pages in normally limited to offering promotions and offers to the consumer, they are not really about the business, they are more about the products they sell.

So my word of wisdom is this, if you wish to create either a FaceBook or Google+ page / profile for your business by all means do so, by I recommend for you business social networking to use a dedicated social networking site such as LinkedIn which is aimed at your business and not at your personal life.

Think about it how many companies have actually banned people from accessing FaceBook, so if you wish to networking in your private life use FaceBook or Google+ for your professional life use LinkedIn.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Google to Rename Assets

Google has announced that it intends to start renaming all non Google created assets inline with the intended public launch of Google+ (Googles answer to FaceBook), this will include the renaming of assets such as Blogger and Picasa to Google Blogs and Google Photos.

This also falls in line with Googles intended removal of all Private profiles from Google, this I must say I am in total agreement with, after all what is the point of Social Media if you are not being social about it. By having private profiles the only people who can see them are the people you allow to, which means in reality these are people you already now.

After all the whole point of "Social Networking" is to do increase your connections and make more friends and unlike normal networking this extends beyond your business life to include all aspects of your life.

So to Google I say "WELL DONE"  and again  the Global giant is both listening and acting on what people want and as always doing a great job in the process.

Thanks Sean J Connolly Visit AJAX Web Development Store - Online Property Sales and Letting