Monday, 26 May 2014

Windows Server 2012 IIS 401 Error

Well thats my server upgraded to Windows 2012 IIS 8.

So I thought anyway, all was working fine, website migrated over and working fine. All clients happy, 


I went onto one of my own websites and started getting a 401 access denied due to credential error. So I thought I know what is causing this and set about doing the normal things, checking the user my website was using in IIS for the anonymous user under the IIS authentication tab, and this was set to be using a specific user.

"Thats it" I thought, so I made sure the user had the right access to the directory for my website. Yet it was still giving me a Windows Security popup box, mainly for sub folders, the root of the website was perfectly fine.

Weird I thought!!

I checked the providers and made sure that NTLM was at the top of the list so this was not the problem.

So what was the problem?

How to fix it

In  my case the problem was that the site is a Wordpress site running PHP, everytime you do something additional in IIS it creates a web.config file to store this information. So if you delete this file from your website, just find all occurrences and delete them. It resets everything and hay presto it works.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Android Cannot Resolve R Symbol Problem

If you are writing an Android app and have come across the Android Cannot resolve R Symbol problem here are a few things to fix it.

  1. Try Rebuilding your project, sometimes the Java environment gets a bit confused, especially if you are using Android Studio.
  2. If cleaning and rebuilding your project doesn't work check your XML files, normally in places like your layout folders, values folders, menu folders plus in your root of your project normally in the form of your manifest for your project.
  3. If all the above did not fix you problem, check the names you have used in your project files, such as any drawables in your project. Make sure you are not using numbers as file names such as a drawable called 1.jpg or any other file in your project. If you have used numbers in your file names change them to either none numeric or alphanumeric names.
Doing one of the above should solve your problem, if it doesn't please let me know and I am happy to lend a hand to get your code working.

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