Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Google + Goes Live to Public

Well after months of invites, BETA testing and alike the new kid on the clock has finally arrived. Google + is now live to the public. So what does this mean for you, me and FaceBook, LinkedIn.

In reality it means that with this launch there are now two big social networking sites to use for your social side of life, LinkedIn is still the only truely business social networking site.

 But what about Twitter you ask, well in reality nothing will change for Twitter as it is and always has been a social media micro blog or stream, simply put its like a hit of espresso to keep you up to date with stuff that interests you, unlike the more cappuccino like take a seat you may be here a while approach of FaceBook and Google +.

In my view the launch of Google + going public will pretty much leave twitter untouched, but as for FaceBook there will be some people who more over to the new player, and others who stay put. I still think at present FaceBook is a bit more interesting than Google +.

I am going to stick my neck on the line and say FaceBook will continue to dominate this area for a while at least.

But what about the New FaceBook Changes?

As you may have noticed FaceBook's response to this go live of Google + has been to add new features to its platform, side news feed, larger photos, sharing etc. This is aimed at retaining FaceBook users, however I dont really see the benefit of copying Google +, after all that is just like admitting "yes it is better than FaceBook". I think FaceBook does know some users will leave to go to Google +, but I think overtime FaceBook will continue to have a larger continuous userbase than Google +.

So although Facebook feel it necessary to fight and copy the new platform, it seems daft to copy. Why not keep FaceBook as FaceBook and come up with new original ideas, not copied ones.

The Future

This is pretty simple really I think that the following will become reality for the platforms.

FaceBook - Continue to have the largest base of users on a regular basis, and introduce new features like video chat, etc.

Google+ - Will have the largest overall registered users, but a lower daily user rate.

Twitter - Will continue to be the daily aggregator of everything social, news and media. Users levels will continue to grow as people want and need instant updates without all the bells and whistles.

LinkedIn - Continue to have a large following with people keeping this platform solely for business and business connections. In most cases having totally different social circles than Google+ or FaceBook.

What About Me

Well at present I still use FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. My most used platform has to be Twitter (its the only one I use on my mobile), it gives me the quick hit of info I need on the go. I keep social side of my world to FaceBook and Google+ and my business side solely to LinkedIn.

Feel free to connect with me on which every platform you choose.

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So as it what the future holds for social networking, only time will tell, but in the mean time please feel free to connect.

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Google Wallet - Is it The Future?

So Google has just announced after months of discussions it is to launch Google Wallet.

You may be asking yourself, so what is this new Google service, is it another Google offering that is destined for the scrap heap, and at this point the answer is who knows. But to give you an insight into Google Wallet, it takes the attempt by Google at capitalising on and taking payments to the next level.

Google Wallet is put simply a way to use all your existing credit or debit cards via your mobile phone, all you will need to do is once they are registered is use your mobile phone to makes payments. Thus meaning the only thing you will ever need to carry is your phone.

Now at first Google Wallet will only be available to use with a Citi MasterCard or the Google Prepaid Card, yes a very American and limited launch.

My advise to Google is that it would be better using a more standard approach such as VISA. Although MasterCard is accepted in almost as many places, it normally connect to the credit card and not debit card systems, and rather than starting out with a limited audience THINK BIG, hold off on the launch and hit all countries at the same time.

What is Google Wallet?

Ok so if you have every used 'contactless' payments by VISA you will know just how Google Wallet will operate, simply each time you wish to make a payment you get out your phone "not your wallet" and fire up the application and make the payment simply by putting your phone near the terminal. This will them be deducted from which ever payment method you have setup on your Google Wallet account.

Will it be Secure?

I personally think that Google Wallet will be just as secure as using your normal debit or credit cards and especially as, at the time of launch it will be linked to prepaid cards, this will limit the amount you may lose if you phone goes missing.

But I think in reality that you are just as likely to have your wallet stolen and misused as you are with using your phone to make payments. So its really no more or less secure than current methods.

Is Google Wallet the Future of Payments?

In my opinion I think the methodology is definately the way forward, after all we all use our phones for everything today from banking to keeping appointments, so it makes complete sense that this is the way forward. The only question I would have is to whether Google can pull it off. We have all heard of Google Checkout, which in the real world has failed to make the dent in the Paypal armour. So will Google Wallet fair any better, well that depends. Yes if Google make sure that it is a world wide launch and not solely a US launch.

But as for the methodology, using our phones for making everyday payments is the future, so lets hope that Google doesn't mess this up by being too limited. As myself I do not use an android mobile I use a Blackberry, so word to the wise make this available!!

To find out more about Google Wallet and to register your interest please go to

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