Monday, 17 August 2009

Rebuilding your ASP.NET soltuion

More often than not when you are having problems with your newly built ASP.NET website or solution, the problem can be fixed by a simple rebuild.

To rebuild you solution just go into the build menu and choose rebuild. this can fix problems you may be having in your development envrionment as well as in your finished application.

So if something is not acting how you think it should, try a rebuild.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


GAC what do you mean GAC?

The GAC or Global Assebly Cache is the playground of anything .NET it is not language specific so whether you are a VB or C# bod your code used the GAC.

Put simply the GAC is where all the framework and links is stored for anything .NET, this is the reason why you build your website, to assemble all the bits into and from the GAC into the necessary .NET structure.

For example when you add an element to your page using the toolbox Visual Studio puts the necessary connections into the GAC to allow your Visual Studio UI to know about the control.

So if you have anytime not been able to see your control in the code side of Visual Studio, first try a rebuild and if that fails delete it from the source code and readd it using the Toolbox.

ASP.NET Buttons Not Firing

When adding a button to your website or application it is always best to add the button using the toolbox. The main reason for this that the GAC, as all .NET stuff lives and links in here. By using the toolbox Visual Studio will add all the necessary hidden code stuff to make the Visual Studio UI aware of your button. In fact this goes for any UI control.

Please do this an you will save yourself a ton of wasted time and unnecessary use of the FindControl code.

One other thing to remember is that ASP.NET is a validated language, and expects all elements to have some kind of processing. So remember that when you add your ASP.NET button to your page, you must include the following attributes for it to work. runat, id and CausesValidation.

So your new button would look like

Remember this simple rule and you should have no more button problems.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Beware of Amateurs

Now I know its easy to pick up and learn the wonders of web programming and design. But I have a word of caution, if you are intetested in being a Web designer or programmer, thats great then go do a course and learn how to do it.

Now here where the internet is fastly becoming a place of badly designed and coded website, its seems now that anybody thinks they can put up their own website. This is not a major problem after all if you want your own site, there are lots of good programs out there to help you do it. But this tends not to stop there too often people are thinking that putting up a site about their hobby turns then into an overnight web master, they then think they can charge others to do their websites. This ends up in a the web being full of bad websites, and people who have great skills and talent being put out of work.

So in short if you have done your own website for your family or your hobby, this doesn't mean you are a professional. If you are keen to work in this field, go and work for an established web company and get some experience and skills behind you.

Ok I may sound like I am just ranting, but I say this is aid the world, not only does this take work from people who shoudl have it, but it also means that people are paying for poor end results. After all most of us drive cars but are we machanics. NO.

So my word of caution is stay away from amateur companies, and if you want to be a web master then take the right route. College is always the place to start any career.