Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Future for Apple after Steve Jobs

First of all I would just like to say Good luck to Steve Jobs for the future, but as you may all be thinking the same thing "what will happen to Apple now Steve Jobs has left".
The first thing to remember is that we are along way from the first time Steve Jobs left Apple, or to put it correctly got fired, and over that time not only has Apple become one of the richest companies on the planet, but it has also become a secure entity powered by Steve Job's vision, but due to his unique  ability he has and is leaving a strong entity with a clear direction.

As this is where Apple failed previously with no clear goal, it didn't know whether its market was consumers, businesses, software, hardware or what. No since Steve Jobs has been back in charge the company has solely concentrated on one goal to be a company with unique and eye catching products and to lead the way in multi media. As you can see a very consumer based vision.

It is my belief that Apple will continue to dominated the online and portable music business, and move towards an even more consumer based media company. Providing the tools that allow the average consumer to make music, home movies and listen to music on the go.

I think Apple will continue to move away from hardware specifics, as is the case for the current lines of Apple computers based on Intel chips, no longer do Apple think it necessary to continue to make all their own hardware.

So in closing my prediction for Apple is that Steve Jobs has left his vision on the company, given it a direction and can now sit back and take time for himself (and well deserved it is) knowing that Apple will continue its journey to media success. So my final thought is this, Apple will move away from dedicated Apple hardware and continue with the media world that has made it a household name (iTumes, iPod, iPad, iPhone)

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Google+ and Google Profile Naming Policy

After launching its own social network called Google+ and Google has started to crack down on profile abuse, what this means in short is that if your profile on Google doesn't reflect a real world person then you run the risk of having your profile suspended.
Now what is the reason for this you might ask, its simple Google wants the world we live in online to reflect the world we live in, in real life and by using users real names allows a better social media experience as you know who you are connecting to and that the person you are connecting to is real.

So why is this so important, first it is the aim of Google to make the web more social, and allowing people to connect just like they do in life is the first start of this process. After all you know you are talking to a real person and not some SPAM engine, and like wise how on earth do you know who you are talking to if their profile name is abc123, simple you dont.

So my take on this is that I fully agree with Google and I only hope that this is the first step towards allowing us to fully use social media to connect outside of the web. After all who's to say that you are not already conversing with someone online who actually lives in your street. Wouldn't it be better to be able to go down the pub and chat, rather than through your computer.

One other area I think this is good is that by making people create real profiles, will make us able to connect with people not only that we know and recognise but also with people who share our interests, hobbies, etc. So I personally hope Google takes this further and opens up more of my profile so I can find real people in the real world who have similar interest as I do and expand my life both online and in reality.

So to all you people out there who say Google is wrong and what about my privacy, simply if you dont like it dont use it.

And to Google I say thanks for listening to my suggestions, and having aided Google with maps, checkout I am happy to know my ideas are not falling on deaf ears.

For details on the Google naming policy please take a look at

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Google relaunches real-time search

Google has announced that it is to relaunch its real-time search results, the service was dropped in July following as Google and Twitter falled to reach an agreement. However, with the huge launch success of Google+, Google has decided that real-time search can actual be a viable option, this time based on their own Google+ status and activity and not twitter.

This means that all activity on Google+ and click of the Google Plus buttons will go towards more real-time results, such as up to date news stories, events and other interesting stuff as it happens.

So what does this mean for you, it means that by using Google+ and adding the Google buttons to your website you can now influence the Google search results within minutes rather than days.

So remember if you are not already on Google+ get an account now, and make sure to add me when your their (SeanJC) and add the plus buttons to all your internet stuff.

Good luck keeping the world up to date.

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