Friday, 11 April 2008


Ok some more basic stuff.

The basics of actually putting a webpage together, in most cases this will mean using HTML and if you want you website to be a bit more exciting then it will mean using a mix of javascript, CSS and HTML to form what is commonly known as DHTML. Simply put this means Dynamic HTML, or HTML that is dynamic, may be a drop down menu, mouse over stuff or any one of a million things.

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Know here is one fo the major misunderstanding about DHTML and the DOM. DHTML came about quite a while ago, and in fact was mainly used by Microsoft,and did not make full use of the DOM. This was back in teh days where people used to code their websites using tables, and not CSS.

To clarify the difference is simply the use of DHTML used coding such as document.all which did not work in all browsers and as you can see does not interact with the DOM at all.

To move on to the DOM, the DOM is the Document Object Model and put simply is the way the page is built up by the browser from the base element down through the nodes, this is made up by a normal parent child relationship.

The major difference using the DOM you can find page elements, normally by simply using document.getElementByID("yourelement") although you can count down the page using other options such as childNodes, both methods alway for a greater manipulation of the page and a more supported experience in the browser.

Well thats it for this, I am not going to go too much into this as it really fails into the arena of design and I am a developer not a designer, but I mention this to make you away of the things you need to know about to do any AJAX coding.

I will say this if there are any designers out there who haev a blog or would like to comment more on the designs aspects, please feel free to do so.

After all web developers as like the architects and web designers are the interior designers.

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