Friday, 23 May 2008

RSS Directories & Blog Directories

After many hours of surfing around the web I have found some great places to submit your RSS feed - Great site to create and manage your blog stats and feed

RSS Network
RSS News Feed Directory
RSS Feeds
Finance Investing
RSS Locator - this is a way of informing the world about changes to your blog

There are also a few places to submit your actual blog

for a full list why not visit if you want to just submityour blog or rss to the whole world.

I do not intend to list all the blog or RSS directories out there, but I will list the ones I have found that actually work and bring traffic to your blog.

So stay tuned

Sean J Connolly
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Blog Directories said...


There are great long term heavy blog traffic benefits if you build a strong backlink structure by submitting to 3-5 blog directories each day.

You should build additional backlinks from article submissions of topics closely related to your blog's most important keywords.

I maintain a list of The Top 101 Blog Directories & RSS Submission Sites on my blog at:

Since I update this list weekly, there are now 197 entries.

Best of success,

Robert A. Kearse

Sean J Connolly said...

Thanks for the pointer Rob, its great to hear from a fellow Blogger who has extra tips for the world.

Any more pointers just post them up.