Sunday, 16 August 2009

ASP.NET Buttons Not Firing

When adding a button to your website or application it is always best to add the button using the toolbox. The main reason for this that the GAC, as all .NET stuff lives and links in here. By using the toolbox Visual Studio will add all the necessary hidden code stuff to make the Visual Studio UI aware of your button. In fact this goes for any UI control.

Please do this an you will save yourself a ton of wasted time and unnecessary use of the FindControl code.

One other thing to remember is that ASP.NET is a validated language, and expects all elements to have some kind of processing. So remember that when you add your ASP.NET button to your page, you must include the following attributes for it to work. runat, id and CausesValidation.

So your new button would look like

Remember this simple rule and you should have no more button problems.



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