Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Apples $46.33 Billion Quarter Earnings

It is a nice think to here that in the current climate of doom and gloom, there is a light in the tunnel. Not at the end yet but at least its there.

You may or may not have heard but Apple has just reported a massive $46.33 billion revenue for the last quarter of 2011, thank mainly to the huge sales of the iPhone 4S not to mention the sales of the iPad.

As you can guess all of these are way beyond anyones estimations, and I have to say this is great news especially with the recent passing of Steve Jobs, I think he would be very proud of the company.

So whats wrong with this?
Now I ask you a question, if Apple has made a huge $13.06 billion profit for this period from the $46.33 billion sales, you have to ask where has all this money come from. I mean every news article you read or see is about people losing their jobs, companies going bust. So in these "so called" hard times where is this money coming from.

After all most of the people who have bought the new iPhone 4S probably already had the old iPhone, and if you look at the typical user they tend to be people who see their phone as a toy, and in some if not most cases are your typical single mum or benefit scrounger.
So I ask you, can the world not see that people have more money than they are making out, and lets use this Apple success as the true judge of the economies of the world and start getting things back on track.

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