Thursday, 4 August 2011

Google relaunches real-time search

Google has announced that it is to relaunch its real-time search results, the service was dropped in July following as Google and Twitter falled to reach an agreement. However, with the huge launch success of Google+, Google has decided that real-time search can actual be a viable option, this time based on their own Google+ status and activity and not twitter.

This means that all activity on Google+ and click of the Google Plus buttons will go towards more real-time results, such as up to date news stories, events and other interesting stuff as it happens.

So what does this mean for you, it means that by using Google+ and adding the Google buttons to your website you can now influence the Google search results within minutes rather than days.

So remember if you are not already on Google+ get an account now, and make sure to add me when your their (SeanJC) and add the plus buttons to all your internet stuff.

Good luck keeping the world up to date.

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