Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Google Pages have Arrived

After a long wait and what has seemed that a million changes of mind. Google + has finally launched pages. In short its Googles answer to FaceBook and LinkedIn meaning the worlds of business and pleasure are finally connecting on Google.

The way that the new Pages will work is that you can connect your existing Google Place entry to your page and use the existing information on your Google Places page to create your new Google+ Business Page.

The added bonus of Google Pages is that you can now use Google+ as your page, make comments and alike as your page not you, just like FaceBook pages. The good thing is this only took Google a matter of months to do, unlike FaceBook taking years to get it right.


You can even create a hangout and chat live to your customers right on Google+, that is pretty cool and has to be a shot in the arm of FaceBook who are yet to release the video service promised.

Good job Google on this, lets hope Google+ continues to grow and add new and exciting features.


Just so you know after you create your Google+ page for your business, in order to edit it select the page from the little drop down list to the left, and once on your page click on your page icon on the left hand side of the page name, this takes you to the edit page.

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