Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Why You Should Continue to Use Twitter

OK I use Twitter, infact you can follow me at my main account which is I do have other twitter accounts and so please feel free to follow me and stay in touch.

Why do I use Twitter?

I continue to use Twitter as unlike the typical social networking sites on Twitter you can say what you want and people will see it, and as you are not looking for a direct interaction I find it a good place to update people who are actually interested in what you do, with why you are doing.

As people who follow you on twitter have chosen to be kept up to date with your world. Unlike typical social media where people are looking for direct interaction, I use Twitter as its more like shouting out your news, after all you watch the evening news without any interaction back you just absorb what they tell you.

I find Twitter is the same as I only follow people I find interesting, so when I read my Twitter timeline its full of interesting things, which I can absorb and if I find something really interesting I can retweet, direct message or mention someone in my own tweet. So for every tweet I do I am not looking for anyone to confirm they have read it, such as we do with Likes on FaceBook and +1' on Google+, this way you can remove the stress of trying to be popular with the benefit of simply getting your message across to people that want to hear it.

The Future of Twitter

I think that Twitter will be around for a long time to come, as it takes the best element of social media and breaks it down, as everyday you may update your status on your chosen social media site, but you can't get a list of interesting stuff that you want to know about. So unlike social media Twitter is centred more on interests than people, and this I think will mean people like myself will use it for a long time to come.

I do think that there may be a time where we see more advertising directly on twitter, sponsored or otherwise, but in short I think the idea of Twitter is here to stay.

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